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Introducing our 2020 Support Group

About the Group:

The difficulties and stress we have been experiencing this past year have taken a toll on us all. Just when we think this year can’t get any worse, something else happens that pushes us further into fear and uncertainty. The pandemic, the climate crisis, the many systemic injustices and the intense politics are all weighing heavy on us. Most of us are pretty worn out at this point and as the cold and darkness approach, you may wonder how much more you can possibly take. 

Even in the best of circumstances, overwhelm, despair, isolation and exhaustion are becoming familiar feelings to many of us. We are facing much loss -- of life, finances, job security, celebrations and holidays, rites of passages, and just ‘normal’ stuff. Every day involves a  risk assessment. Essentially, we are in a holding pattern and we are holding a lot

AND even with these very difficult circumstances and experiences during this unparalleled time in history, we can still take powerful, healthy steps towards self-comfort. In our 2020 Support Group, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Feel supported and connected
  • Adapt and build resilience
  • Learn how to manage your energy and strong emotions effectively
  • Make space for grieving (both individual and collective losses)
  • Access more acceptance and find perspective and hope
  • Live more in the present
  • Create healing self-care practices
  • Move from despair to action


Our Group is open to all adults. The group is facilitated by Archana Arora, LCSW. Archana has spent nearly 13 years working with children and families as a Social Worker and most recently as a psychotherapist. As a therapist, Archana facilitates new ways of coping and finding happiness through a combination of clinical, holistic and mindful practices. Her work combines psychotherapy with mindfulness tools to achieve desired results and restore mind body soul harmony. Born and raised in India, Archana grew up practicing mindfulness on a daily basis. 


ZOOM - a registration link will be sent to you prior to the group  session. Once you complete registration on zoom, you will receive the group's access information and an access link will be sent to you. 


Every Sunday from 5 PM to 6 PM.


Our groups are held weekly and are "drop-in" style. The suggested rate for participating in our group is $25 per session. A sliding scale rate of $15 is available for those who have been impacted financially by the pandemic. We also offer a 5 session group card available for $100, which can be used at any of our 2020 Support Groups throughout the 2020-2021 year (September-July). 


Registration is required. Please complete the form below.


  • You can pay via Zelle or Quick Pay using info@lotuspsych.com as the recipient email (PLEASE enter "2020 Support Group" and the Group Date in the memo area).
  • You can also pay via Credit Card by following the buttons to the Credit Card Payment Page once you have completed the registration form. Please know that paying by Credit Card will now include a 3% additional convenience charge.

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